WFH Series — Five Ways To Enjoy Remote Work by lovekozhukhovskaya

The world has changed a lot in the past months. As the dust begins to settle and the reality kicks in, working from home will become a more normal part of our daily lives. Even if it’s still supplemented by typical office work, learning how to remote work is a key skill for post-crisis recovery.

A report by Buffer indicated that many people struggle with remote working due to issues like separation of work and relaxation, distractions around the house and keeping energy levels high throughout the day.

In this post we will walk you through five small but essential ways to learn to love working from home. These will help you to find a new rhythm not mimic your office behaviour.

#1 Take a walk or exercise at least once a day

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be sitting at a desk for hours, blocked on how to proceed with the problem you’re solving or the task you’re completing. Next time this happens, get up and take a walk. Whether it’s around your room, around the house, or a jog in the local park…the fresh air can help reinvigorate your thought processes.

Walking or exercising releases the necessary energy you need to stay alert throughout your day. Follow your body’s natural systems when it’s tired and help it to re-energise!

#2 Separate your workspace from relaxation spaces

When we do finally go back to offices, many of these learnings will be applicable. According to Janet Pogue-McLaurin, principal and workplace leader at design and architecture firm Gensler, told Recode. “Social distance thinking may be part of our DNA moving forward”. Concepts such as the Six Feet Office are already popping up as a solution for the office environment moving forward.

#3 Block time when you work and when you don’t

A quick fix is to divide up your calendar into blocks, so you can better plan out your day. Commit yourself to a routine at home where you ‘commute’ to your working area, make time for food/relaxation, and time to be on or off calls. And hey, maybe experiment even with dressing up sometimes to make your routine feel fresh and engaging.

#4 Listen to music!

Whilst listening to music constantly can be a distraction, don’t underestimate the power of different songs to boost your energy levels and get you back on track!!

#5 Be comfortable

Ask yourself constantly if you can improve how you work remotely, and remember that your friends, family and colleagues are all only a call away. Find that balance and remote working will prove to be the new lifestyle choice you never knew you needed.

Stay safe, stay productive and stay healthy!