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  • Ahmad Khani

    Ahmad Khani

    A React, React-Native & Laravel developer, currently https://www.sheypoor.com

  • Richard Ilott

    Richard Ilott

    Became inspired, now hoping to inspire. UX Designer in London @PaddyPowerBetfair

  • Tereza Machackova

    Tereza Machackova

    VC | Startups | Feminism | Tech | Leadership | Brain

  • Brittany Laughlin

    Brittany Laughlin

    Technology & community can make positive change. Exec Director @StacksOrg, Partner @LatticeVC. Past @USV, 3x Entrepreneur

  • Salar Ahmadi

    Salar Ahmadi

    Software Engineer

  • Noé Antona

    Noé Antona

    Happy geek recruiter @SonarSource

  • Tomas Haviar

    Tomas Haviar

    Creating inspiring workplaces & empowering people in their careers I Writing about career, talent acquisition & life hacks I Scaling teams @ Mollie

  • Sara Vilas

    Sara Vilas

    Managing Director at Designed.org

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